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Two Views of a Traditional Maine Lobsterboat

Computer Aided Design

I bought my first computer in 1974, and my first PC-compatible machine several years later - in those days, the move to a PC-compatible was more often than not a step down in computing power, a trade-off of functionality for compatibility.  In my case, the trade-off was for an early hull-fairing program and "AutoCAD," the first serious CAD program to run on small computers.
The computer lets us get lots of work done fast - in fact, we would probably need two more draftsmen if we were still doing everything by hand - but more important, it makes changes easy, so we can respond to changed needs or optimize the hull, looking for just the right balance between speed, efficiency, and seaworthiness.  We now routinely look at several versions of any new hull, many more than would be cost-effective if everything were faired by hand.
Views of a partially-completed engine-room

Framing for the "Live Anywhere" Boat
We can easily see where tanks and machinery will fit in the hull and make sure there is ample access for servicing. And we can calculate the volumes of tanks, so there are no unwelcome surprises
We can build the boat virtually, looking at how the framing goes together, how the interior fits into the boat, where there is another corner for a tank.  
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Finally, 2-dimensional drawings are not really a very good way to display a 3-dimensional object like a boat.  All through the design process, we can show the client real "pictures" of what the boat will look like, making clear how the boat sits in the water, how the aft cabin is arranged, all the details of the layout.

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