The "Live-Anywhere" Boat - Construction, Part 3

Moving Day! -- April 13, 2006
The shop where she was built is not on the water, and with the pilothouse in place she is too high to go over the roads, so she had to be moved to the main Lyman-Morse yard for finishing. A boom-truck picked the pilothouse up and put it on a separate trailer for the trip (about 3 miles) to the yard.

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Tight clearance as she comes out of the shop. Dave is smiling as his measurements are shown to be right. Here she is outside and for the first time she can be seen in her entirety. This is not her sailing trim -- on the trailer her bow is lower than it would be in the water.

In this shot, slings are being rigged to lift off the pilothouse which was cut free earlier in the day.

The pilothouse, temporarily torn off and loaded on its trailer. It has been carefully set on clean cardboard so as not to contaminate the aluminum that must later be welded.

A tight corner in Thomaston next to the site of the former Maine State Prison. We actually cleared all the wires and even all the road signs, but sometimes it was close.

Reunited with her pilothouse, she is ready to be backed into her new home, where she will live until she is launched in early June. Meanwhile the fabricators still have some work to do and she will be swarming with mechanics and carpenters.

Launch Day ~ July 5, 2006!
She starts out of the shop on the big Lyman-Morse trailer with very little room to spare. Starting down the steep hilll toward the water.
The scene just before the new boat is blessed. Her sponser christens her with a mighty whack after blessing her in English and Akkadian! With no interior and no fluids aboard she is very high on her lines. She will sit here at the float until the systems have been completely installed and tested and she is ready to move under her own power.

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