The "Live-Anywhere" Boat - Construction, Part 4

Updated September 10, 2007
No updates for a long time! Too busy working on the interior, getting heat working in the boat, debugging systems, etc, but I thought it was about time and the pictures are beginning to acucmulate again.

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One of the first jobs is putting down sylomer (foam) strips for acoustic isolation and firring to support the sole. This is the forward head and guest cabin.

In this shot the saloon sole has been started and electrical cables (various sizes) have been set up on reels. She will use thousands of feet of cable before she is finished. The lifejackets have still not been stowed away! Here we can see the beginnings of the galley, looking aft. The tall box on the right will house the refrigerator and the lower bin is for the range.

The laminated oak frame that will trim out the aft saloon bulkhead around the engine room watertight door is being planed to fit here on the after deck.

In this photo,the appliances have been installed temporarily to check for fit and to make sure they work. The refrigerator did an excellent job of keeping drinks cold during the Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors Show! Fiberglass insulation is being installed on the hull sides.

She was launched with a temporary "dashboard" that allowed her to be operated but of course the wiring had to be overhauled as part of installilng the permanent control station. This picture gives some idea of the size of the task! The permanent steering station is being dry-fitted for the first time. The sloped "ridge" (actually there will be two of them) will house electronics (GPS, autopilot, etc) a safe distance from the compass.

July 30, 2007
Luckily for us, our friend Jeff Scher, the photographer, made an occasion to come out to the island, and here is a selection of his photos (All images Jeff Scher,

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