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SYSTEMS:   Modern boats are full of them!
      Even in the early 70s, a 35' gold-plated sailing yacht would have an alcohol stove and hand pumps in the galley and head, pumping cold water only.
      Nowadays, the same boat has a propane stove, hot and cold running water, at least one shower, and perhaps mechanical refrigeration, together with an autopilot and complex integrated electronics, which is quite a big change in less than 40 years.
      If a boat's various systems do not work properly, she is never much fun, and the best course is to be sure they are right in the first place.  Similarly, upgrading the systems does a lot to improve the livability of any boat, but often presents the owner with difficult choices.  This is where the designer comes in;  we spend a lot of time keeping up on the latest developments so boatowners don't have to!  As the example below shows, we can provide consultation services, then complete working drawings so system upgrades (or the systems in a new boat) are installed quickly and accurately.
     A young woman, a graduate student, recently purchased a 45' former research vessel to live aboard.  Otherwise ideal for her purpose, this vessel had no running water or shower, and to complicate matters, the owner had to be away for research while the vessel was being refitted.  We spent a little while on the boat and had some discussions with the owner before she left, showing her what was available and explaining the options.  She made some choices, and we prepared working drawings and a parts list down to the number and size of hose clamps required.  With this background, the boatyard was able to order the parts in advance and set them aside for the job;  when the boat arrived for her refit, the technician could go right to work without having to spend time first figuring out where the piping runs should go, so the job was done very quickly, with no lost motion casued by trips back to the shop for parts, etc.
     Our bill was less than the savings on the yard bill, and the owner got exactly what she wanted and could afford. 
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