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    The Chebeague 26, a refined, or "cllipper" version of the Maine lobsterboat,  combines traditional beauty and impressive speed in an able and sea-kindly hull.  Powered by a reliable and efficient Cummins diesel, she planes easily but is also comfortable and exceptionally maneuverable at low speeds. 
    There is room enough in her big cockpit for several people, or a whole truckload of supplies, but there is nothing utilitarian about the looks or performance of this finely-finished thoroughbred. 
Speed with Economy
RPM Speed (kts) Fuel Consumption (gal/hr)
1800 10 2.14
2000 12 2.20
2400 15 3.13
The engine is isolated from the boat by soft, vibration-absorbing mounts. Since these are too soft to take the engine thrust (the force that drives the boat), we use a separate thrust bearing and connect the engine to it by an Aquadrive™ shaft and two constant-velocity joints. This arrangement leaves the engine free to vibrate without transmitting that vibration to the boat, and, along with substantial sound insulation around the engine, assures quiet and smooth operation. She cruises comfortably in open water at 12 knots (top speed is about 17), and with her 50-gallon fuel capacity she can do it for over 20 hours at a stretch.
     Builder's Trials- Running at 12 Knots
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